Updated 2/23/2018


We are happy to announce that we have increased the number of recycling locations on property for your convenience.  Through Republic Services, we offer commingled, single stream recycling (picked up weekly).


This means we have a recycling program that DOES ACCEPT:

   Clean plastics #1-#7
   Paper, newspaper, and chipboard
   Flattened cardboard
   Clean, aluminum, steel and tin
   Clean, clear and colored glass

Please place these items in the 6-yard or 8-yard containers that are labeled “Single Stream Recycling” or “Commingled Recycling”, found at six locations on the property.  Most of these recycling containers have a side sliding door or are smaller in size (if next to a regular trash container).  A property map is available for you at the rental office and on our website.
    Paper products contaminated with food residue

    Milk cartons/similar waxy paper products

    Pie tins

    Aluminum Foil
    Plastic bags (can be returned to store in select locations)
    Loose shredded paper

We ask that you keep those items, and any other trash, out of the recycling bins, and instead put them in the larger, slant-styled, 8-yard dumpsters.  Only non-hazardous trash is permitted in our dumpsters.
When in doubt, keep it out!  

Please remember the local YMCA or Goodwill donation stores when disposing or recycling your used electronics, clothing, and furniture.  We ask that any furniture items that are disposed of here, on the property, be left on the dumpster pad for pick-up, not in the dumpster.  

With advanced notice, some donation stores will arrange to pick your belongings up from your home and we encourage that where possible.  

CFL bulbs, alkaline batteries, and ink cartridges may be dropped off for recycling at many local stores, including Downtown Merchant member locations.  Please refer to the Town of Blacksburg website for more information about Downtown Merchants.