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Community Announcements


Please see our COVID-19 page for updates and announcements regarding the Pandemic.

To reach Emergency Maintenance, you may call the office number and follow the prompts to be connected.  A pause may be experienced during this process, but please stay on the line.  You may also call directly using this number: 540-443-6313.

A few friendly reminders:
Remember to let the rental office know if your apartment will be vacant for more than seven days and
where you can be reached while you are away.
If you do plan on a lengthy trip away, consider making a trip to the Blacksburg Post Office, on
University City Boulevard, in order to put a hold on your mail. If your mailbox is overfull, the post office may
return your mail to the sender.
If you decide to only turn off the refrigerator, be sure to empty the appliance first, and prop
the doors fully open in order to avoid damage to the fridge.

If you have not yet done so, or have gotten a new vehicle, please bring your vehicle registration card
with you to the office to obtain your parking decal. All residents are required to have a parking sticker.

If you receive a package that is not intended for you, please return it to the rental office so that we
may get it to the proper person.

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