What are the payment options?


Payment options include several accepted payments methods including check, cashier's check, cash, and some online options listed below.

It is requested that rental payments from roommates be made in one form of payment, such as a single check.

A 5% late fee will be added to rental payments after 2:00 on the 5th of each month, regardless of holidays or weekends.  Issues with a specific online payment platform will not waive your late fee, there are many ways to pay.

Online payment options are listed below.  We also accept payments via third party websites and your online banking service.

Simply click on one of the buttons below to be directed to the appropriate site to pay.  Plastiq offers payment by credit card, while Paypal offers bank, credit card, and Paypal balance options.

If you have additional questions, please contact the office.

Payments through PayPal have been removed while we investigate recent problems with processing payments.

Click on logo above to be directed to the Plastiq Site
Fees vary but are usually 2.9% or less

*To pay without a fee you must create an account and pay via bank transfer.*